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On Barack Obama’s latest bailout of Israel

September 22nd, 2011

So US President Barack Obama is promising to use a Security Council veto to block any attempt by Palestine to gain UN recognition, and he has told the parties to go back to negotiations – even though Obama knows full well how fruitless that route would be, given how intransigent the Israelis have proved themselves to be on the issue of settlements. So far, the Obama administration has been unable (or unwilling) to talk the Israelis into any meaningful concession on settlements – which continue to remorselessly encroach on the land available for any future Palestinian state.

To comprehend the moral vacuity of the Obama position, one only has to consider how the US would be responding if the UN resolution in question involved a guarantee of Israel’s security. Why, then we would be hearing from the White House about how very important it was for the international community to take a moral stand, and how useful such a resolution would be for the negotiators and how they should be heeding the voice of global opinion. Instead – and in a position where, as always, US foreign policy remains captive to Israel – the White House is doing all that it can to frustrate world opinion, and to deny even a symbolic expression of Palestinian statehood.

Given the lunatic reality of US domestic politics on the eve of a presidential election campaign – where serious Republican contenders like Rick Perry have been invoking the Biblical spectre of Armageddon as the basis for US foreign policy in the Middle East – Obama’s stance hardly comes as a surprise, but it is still disappointing. Especially when, by contrast, President Nicolas Sarkozy has blown away the US and Israeli rhetoric by tabling a genuine compromise – which would set a meaningful timetable for any return to negotiations on a two-state solution:

Let us cease our endless debates on the parameters,” Mr. Sarkozy said. “Let us begin negotiations and adopt a precise timetable.”

The timetable he suggested is resuming the negotiations in one month, agreeing on borders and security within six months and finishing a definitive agreement within one year.

The Palestinians have sought a specific timeline, suggesting that endless stalling was slowly erasing the chances for a two-state solution.

By advocating a timetable for closure, Sarkozy really has exposed the moral bankruptcy of the Israeli/US position. Obama’s stance seems particularly disappointing at a time when Benjamin Netanyuhu’s internally riven government is increasingly isolated. Israel’s formerly reliable regional partners like Hosni Mubarak have departed the scene and relations with the new Egypt have significantly deteriorated in recent months, and it is no longer even on speaking terms with Turkey, its former friend.

In the short term, such regional isolation is not likely to make Israel pay heed to any UN resolutions – it has routinely spurned them in the past – but a UN resolution right now on Palestine would underline just how unsustainably exposed the Netanyahu government now is, and that perception among Israelis is likely to speed Netanyahu’s demise. To that end, the fact that Israel has had to rely on the help of a disdainful Barack Obama to bail them out of this week’s embarrassment at the UN does still constitute a diplomatic victory of sorts, for the Palestinians.


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    1. 30 Responses to “On Barack Obama’s latest bailout of Israel”

    2. By Cam on Sep 22, 2011 | Reply

      An excellent account of the situation – thanks Gordon.

    3. By Wally on Sep 22, 2011 | Reply

      you have no idea what the hell you’re talking about GC, do some serious research before mouthing off some politically correct nonsense.

    4. By Joe Blow on Sep 22, 2011 | Reply

      Jez you got that article up quick Gordon!

      Yeah, I share your disappointment with Obama on this one too. It’s really soul destroying to see that the man who looked most likely to actually bring change to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been brought under Israel’s thumb through domestic pressure at home.

      Still Sarkozy is really starting to impress. What first with intervention in Libya and now a tough stance on Israel… It must be all the advice from Bernard-Henri Levy he’s been getting (sarcasm)…

    5. By Cam on Sep 23, 2011 | Reply

      @Wally – At the very least you could tell us what misgivings you have about the article…

      Not doing so makes you seem like a troll.


    6. By Leon Henderson on Sep 23, 2011 | Reply

      Joe Blow: “Obama being brought under the Is-raeli thumb”???

      More like dragged around by the neck on a dog-chain by the Zionists/Kissinger like a grovelling mongrel!!!

      Mr. “prez” “Hopey-Changey”:

      Mr. “Hopey-Changey” The Jew Glove-Puppet:

      The Modern History Of The Zionist Occupation:

      Mr. Hopey-Changey’s Friends In Saudi Arabia And Bahrain!!!:

    7. By Leon Henderson on Sep 23, 2011 | Reply

      Cam, don’t waste your time on “Wally” – “Wally” is probably Is-raeli embassy, or in other words a Mossad spy and saboteur.

    8. By Leon Henderson on Sep 23, 2011 | Reply

      The Libya of “Mr Hopey Changey” Obama:

    9. By Leon Henderson on Sep 23, 2011 | Reply

      Cam and everyone else: Gordon Campbell and “Bomber” Bradbury are the only “Main” Journalist’s in New Zealand/Aoteroa who will even take a fair view of, for example, the abominable nightmare that has been going on in Palestine since, in particular, 1947. From then onwards the Zionists have been relentlessly exterminating the Palestinians that try and defiantly stay in the meagre “Bantustan’s” that the Jews have imprisoned them in, and nearly a million Palestinians fled from Palestine in Terror in 1947 as the Jews promulgated a massive Terrorist campaign against the the unarmed (British Mandate) Palestinians.

      The British ruling-class gloatingly did nothing to protect the Palestinians and instead aided and abetted the Zionists in the mass-murders and confiscation of land.

    10. By Leon Henderson on Sep 24, 2011 | Reply

      By Ralph Schoenman
      The Seizure Of The Land:

      (QUOTE)”It is appropriate to review the pervasiveness of this murderous policy and its consequences. In the territory which came under Israeli occupation after Partition there were approximately 950,000 Palestinian Arabs. They inhabited nearly 500 villages and all the major cities, which included Tiberias, Safed, Nazareth, Shafa Amr, Acre, Haifa, Jaffa, Lydda, Ramle, Jerusalem, Majdal (Ashqelon), Isdud (Ashdod) and Beersheba.

      After less than six months only 138,000 people remained. (Figures vary from 130,000 to 165,000.)The great majority of Palestinians were killed, forcibly expelled or fled in panic before slaughtering bands of Israeli army units.

      Having thus eliminated most of the Palestinian inhabitants from the land of Palestine, the Israeli government undertook the systematic destruction of their homes and possessions. Nearly 400 villages and towns were razed to the ground during 1948 and 1949. More followed in the 1950s”.


    11. By Leon Henderson on Sep 25, 2011 | Reply

      Incidentally, is it a “coincidence” that every stooge country of the Zionists such as USA and England, and also all of the European countries who have permitted themselves to be manacled hand and foot by the Rothschilds are all staring straight down the barrel of economic implosion? The entire Jewish-American Empire is in debt up to it’s collective eyeballs to the Jews – the same Jews who swindled forty-seven-trillion dollars out of them in 2008!!!

    12. By Joe Blow on Sep 25, 2011 | Reply

      @ Leon

      I thought you’d like this one.

      Hey Leon if the “Jewish-American Empire” is in debt to the Jews, why is China the number one holder of US Treasuries, followed by Japan (and mainly Asian countries including Brazil) with Israel only holding a measly 17 billion?

    13. By Leon Henderson on Sep 26, 2011 | Reply

      Hullo Joe Blow. China: it is because USA is overwhwelmingly the primary export market of China, and the USA demands that China keeps on buying massive quantities of US Treasury Bonds “Or Else”.

      China cannot afford for the USA to slam trade sanctions on it, as this would lead to massive unemployment and public unrest in China. China has not yet developed to the stage where it can operate a Social Welfare system. The Chinese Government are desperately trying to “supercharge” the development of the Chinese economy to enable China to become it’s own primary “market” by making it’s citizenry well-off enough to be able to purchase lots of products and enable the Chinese economy to “drive” itself and not be dependent any more more on foreign markets.

      China is severely hampered in it’s economic ambitions because of it’s lack of energy resources, especially oil and gas. China was being given huge oil concessions in Libya by Muammar Quaddafi, but the United States has now driven all of the thirty-thousand Chinese workers who were in Libya, out of Libya, and has shut off China from access to the oil.

      Libya is by far the biggest oil producer in all of Africa.

    14. By Leon Henderson on Sep 26, 2011 | Reply

      Joe Blow: you say that Is-rael holds seventeen-billion of USA Treasury Bonds. Am astounded that the criminal ratbags have got any at all!!!

    15. By Joe Blow on Sep 26, 2011 | Reply

      @ Leon

      If China started producing consumers then that would benefit everyone economically because then the West would have someone to sell their exports to. By the way those figures are from 2010. Since then the Chinese have started diversifying its foreign reserves by reducing its holdings of US Treasury bonds and investing predominantly in Euros, which looks to be a bad idea with the Eurozone crisis.

      Still none of what you have stated explains how in the post above you came to the conclusion that “The entire Jewish-American Empire is in debt up to it’s collective eyeballs to the Jews” when based on the evidence of who holds US debt it appears that the Jews only hold a fraction of this debt…

    16. By Leon Henderson on Sep 27, 2011 | Reply

      Have you not noticed, Joe Blow, that the Rothschilds’ World Bank and IMF are dictating everything viz-a-viz the vicious maulings of countries like Greece, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Poland, (etc etc) that got their economies trashed by the Jews: the “Crash” in 2008/009/0010/0011, is because Jewish Goldman Sachs was, up until 2008, peddling worthless “debt securities” and banks throughout the Jewish-American Empire, most of them with Jewish CEO’s who were trained by Goldman Sachs, crammed the financial institutions under their control with this worthless paper. Barack Obama put Henry Paulson, who was the Jewish CEO of Lehman Brothers,(and a Goldman Sachs Jew), the first giant Wall Street bank to collapse, in charge of the Bail-Outs!!! The first Trillion Dollars of Bail-Out money mysteriously vanished as if into thin air!!! There was no supervision of Paulson at all!!! Worldwide, forty-seven-trillion-dollars “worth” of this paper was purchased by these CEO’s.

      Many places outside of the Jewish-American Empire were savagely gouged as well because of their capitalist economic systems: every single commercial bank in Russia was stuffed full of this paper and every single bank had to be bailed out by the Russian Government.

      The only thing that saved Russia from being economically murdered by Wall Street and the London Business District, was because of the miraculous survival of the nationwide nonprofit State Banking System/Post Office from the wrecking-spree of Mikhail Gorbachev: Gorbachev and his gang of foreign “advisers” pillaged all of the money out of the State Bank/Post-Office to the tune of hundreds of billions of US dollars worth of roubles (this literally took place during the course of a single night, and to this day the Russians have never been able to find out where that money went, but Bin-Yamin Netenyahu and Henry Kissinger and the Rothschild’s all know!!!) and left it destitute.

      These evil thugs then hurriedly turned their attentions to wrecking other things such as the Russian Dairy Industry – Soviet Russia was by far the worlds biggest dairy producer – because they thought they had killed the State Bank/Post-Office.

      But, incredibly, the infuriated employees at the State Bank/Post-Office voluntarily worked their backs off to keep the system going, and the Russian people, in spite of being hurled into abject penury by the “Market Reforms” of Gorbachev and his cronies, continued to bank with the State Bank/Post-Office: the Russian people hate capitalism and they refused to bank with the commercial banks that were springing up all over the place. The Russian people detest the stock-market also and will have nothing to do with it.

      There was an infuriated article a year or so ago in the Pommy “Guardian News & Media” that railed against the Russian people for their refusal to “embrace the Marketplace” and vilified them for their “stubborn, old-fashioned adherence to their State Bank/Post-Office banking system”!!!

      The BRICS (Russia, China, Brazil, India, and the newly admitted South Africa) Nations are determined to create a totally new financial system that will be out of the reach, and manipulation of the Jews.

      This is very likely to lead to war.

    17. By Leon Henderson on Sep 27, 2011 | Reply

      Joe Blow, I just wrote along reply to your Post, but when I tried to “place” it, it disappeared: the Scoop dudes must have co-opted it to assess it (bloody hope that is why it happened as did not make a copy of it as a back-up) so am hoping they eventually will put it on this page.

    18. By Leon Henderson on Sep 27, 2011 | Reply

      The BBC are smarmily, and plummy-mouthedly talking about a second “credit crunch” (that is the term that these M15/M16 propagandists have always used to name the economic collapse of the Jewish-American Empire: but only the Goyim or “Infidel” nations of course – Is-ra-el did not get touched, and instead the Zionists are sitting on not only Forty-Seven-Trillion US dollars worth of swindled money from the latest thieving spree, but also are gloatingly wheelbarrowing away Trillions more in the unrelenting Bail-Outs that are continuing to go on it the USA and European Union to prevent total economic implosion) and are accompanying their smarmy wafflings with “Batman” music in order to “play down” even further the horrendous seriousness of the situation.

      The Americans and their Pommie lackey’s have had the (Thailand sweatshop printing works, where also the Banana Republic Of New Zealands’ physical money is also manufactured) money-printing-presses going round the clock printing US dollars and Pommie pounds 24/7 since October 2008. This is to devalue them, and the Chinese have to sit there and watch this thieving swindling of the Chinese in particular, going on right in front of their eyes!!! The Russians got rid of all of their US dollar holdings with blinding speed, but the Chinese cannot, because if they get rid of their massive holdings of US Treasury Bonds – and do not forget Joe Blow, the “Federal Reserve Bank” is a Jewish-owned network of commercial banks; even the name is a lie, because “it” is not a “Bank” but a conglomerate of Jewish banks, and remains a conglomerate because it assists the Jews in their colossal tax-swindling of the American Working-Class – and refuse to buy any more, the Jews will make USA, NATO, and SEATO slam trade sanctions on them and threaten to cut off their oil supplies.

      Unfortunately, relations between Russia and China are not good in spite of them being in BRIC’S, as the Russians know that the Chinese want to grab a vast swathe of Siberia, and so are reluctant to provide the Chinese with more oil and gas, as this will speed up the economic and military development of China.

    19. By Leon Henderson on Sep 27, 2011 | Reply

      Dammit: didn’t say in the (above) post that any country that wants to get rid of their USA so-called “Treasury” (what “Treasury”???!!!) Bonds (Bin-Yamin Bernanke bonds!!!) well where is the only place you can try and sell them?

      ANSWER: Wall Street. London Business District.

      And for your Bonds you will get what the Jews will pay you for them!!! The same Jews who in 2008, just before the money-printing-presses in the Thailand sweatshops started cranking out US dollars and Pommie pounds, got rid of their Mount Everests of swindled US dollars and Zionist Pommie lapdog pounds, and grabbed astronomical amounts of gold and land!!!

      Look at the gold prices!!!

    20. By Joe Blow on Sep 27, 2011 | Reply

      @ Leon

      As an operating bank, each of the 12 Federal Reserve banks must have capital (i.e., funds “staked” by the owners). The initial capital came from the member banks. Every member bank subscribes an amount equal to 6% of the member bank’s capital. This constitutes the member bank’s stock in the system.

      The member banks that invest funds in the 12 Reserve Banks, are paid a dividend. This dividend is fixed by law. It is 6% of the paid-in capital. Often, observers are confused about this. The dividend is not 6% of the Fed’s profits, but of the stock. Indeed, over the Fed’s history, the dividend has averaged less than 1% of the Fed’s gross earnings. Nor is the dividend based on the member bank’s total stock subscription, but of the paid-in stock. Thus each bank gets a 6% return on the funds it has actually invested in the Reserve Bank.

      A great deal of concern is often expressed with respect to the profits earned by the Federal Reserve System. These profits are a direct result of its power to create money — and the power to create money is derived from the government. Many people argue that the earnings, then, should belong to the government rather than go to the Fed. The system is off-budget and a self-financing entity not subject to congressional appropriations. But in fact, the Federal Reserve’s earnings from money creation do enter into the government’s receipts.
      The gross earnings from the system’s operations first are dedicated to its operating costs. In addition, the regional Federal Reserve Banks maintain capital; they retain enough earnings to have on hand a “surplus” equal to the paid-in subscriptions of their member-owners. As explained above, the Federal Reserve Banks also pay the dividend to their member banks.

      What remains is all paid over into the Treasury. Over its history, the Fed has paid to the Treasury approximately 95% of its earnings. These payments to the treasury are currently running about $25 billion a year. Given the fact that the Treasury, if it created money directly, would incur costs in its administration, the revenue and cost effects of having the Federal Reserve issue are about the same as having the Treasury do so.

      In addition, the price of Federal Reserve Bank stock is fixed at $100 per share. It neither appreciates nor depreciates in value. That means that any growth in the capital of the Federal Reserve Banks does not belong to the Banks “owners,” but to the Government which would get the accumulated value of retained earnings if the system were ever dissolved.

      How do the Jews profit from the Federal Reserve then?

    21. By Leon Henderson on Sep 28, 2011 | Reply

      “How do the Jews profit from the “Federal Reserve”? Surely you jest, Joe Blow, a-la the USA federal government perpetually contracting all of those Rothschilds/Eight Families/Four Horsemen-owned banks to funnel back-and-forth all of the federal governments’ transactions?

      bin-Yamin Bernanke is like the CEO of Westpac in the Banana-Republic of New Zealand!!! In fact, bin-Yamin Bernanke is without a shadow of a doubt a substantial “shareholder” in Westpac, because this so-called “Australian” bank, like all of the other so-called “Australian” banks, is not owned by Australians but instead is owned by “Americans” (meaning Jews) and Asians (meaning Jews living outside of USA and their puppet-lapdogs the Saudi-Arabian dictators, and the United Arab Emirates Jew lapdog dictatorships).

      How many trillions of dollars, Joe Blow, has the Jew “Fed” “facilitated” in the Bailouts alone?


      So what was that, Joe Blow, you were saying about how are the Jews cashing-in on this?

      Also Joe Blow, observe how the Rothschilds World Bank/IMF are “supervising” the unrelenting, eye-wateringly astronomically colossal Bailouts (that are still continuing, the latest is nearly three Trillion US dollars in the economically disemboweled European Union. Joe Blow, Socialism for the capitalists, and capitalism for the Working-Class!!! Eh, Joe Blow???) and as always the Jews being the “Middleman” who do nothing at all but get more than a third of the money every time. The Jews have always, besides being heinous and infamously vicious moneylenders and landlords, wormed their way into the position of “Middleman” in every European, Central Asian/Middle-Eastern, and African country.

      Joe Blow, where there is lots of money, the Jews will be swarming there!!!

    22. By Joe Blow on Sep 28, 2011 | Reply

      @ Leon

      So the Federal Reserve bailed out the financial banking system in the US because it is really a conglomerate of Jewish banks and is therefore controlled by the Jews? Right…

      Interesting theory… good luck with that one Leon! You’re seriously deluded my man, you know that?

    23. By Leon Henderson on Sep 29, 2011 | Reply

      Joe Blow, it is YOU who are seriously deluded: the so-called “federal reserve bank” of the United States of Lapdog Jew-Crawling is a conglomerate of Jewish banks, and their “official” “public face” is bin-Yamin-Bernanke.

    24. By Joe Blow on Sep 29, 2011 | Reply

      @ Leon

      So let my give everyone a synopsis of your argument so far:

      “The Jews (capitalists) did it. The Jews are behind the financial crisis. The Jews are behind all Western intervention in the Middle East. The Jews are behind Rogernomics. Any present or future action initiated by the Western powers is actually just an expression of Jewish control. The jews are behind it. Anything that leon does not like is because of the Jews. Even the Chinese are under the Jewish thumb as if they refuse to buy anymore US debt the Jews will stick many caps in their arses. The Jews are responsible for all that is wrong in the world. In short, Jews stink!”

      Hell I think I see a pattern here. Do you Leon?

    25. By Stuart on Sep 29, 2011 | Reply

      My goodness, Mr Leon Henderson! I have not seen such a diatribe of Judaiphobia as bad as this. Reading through your material shows your ignorance of the historical facts. All that is required for peace in this region, is for Israel’s neighbours to recognise the Jewish State. Of course, Islamist militants and terrorists such as Hamas, and countries such as Iran will refuse to do so. Their wishes are clearly stated, that they only wish to eliminate all of the Jewish people. I guess you will be lining up with them to help?

    26. By Leon Henderson on Sep 30, 2011 | Reply

      Yes Joe Blow, you do see a pattern and it is a precision-accurate one!!! – The forging of the Zionist Superstate from the Euphrates River, to the East Bank of the River Nile (the Zionists viz Egypt say “To The Egyptian River” and this slimy terminology can only mean the Nile, which is by light-years the most massive source of fresh water in the entire Middle East (the Golan Heights, which the Jews thieved by force off Syria, is the second biggest fresh water supply in the entire Middle-East) and concerning which there is immense, and growing tension over amongst several Northern African countries as per “water rights”.

    27. By Leon Henderson on Sep 30, 2011 | Reply

      The Chinese, and other Asian, and Russian money (Loans) can only get to the USA, Pommyland (etc) through the Jewish conduit.

      Also, the USA, Pommyland, Greece, Spain, Italy, etc, cannot attempt to repay their extortionate Loan-Interest-Rates except through the Jewish conduit.

      So what was that you were saying, Joe Blow, about me being so-called “biased” against the Jews???

      You are being deliberately blind, Joe Blow.

    28. By Leon Henderson on Oct 12, 2011 | Reply

      Here is some informative reading for you Stuart:

    29. By Joe Blow on Oct 12, 2011 | Reply

      @ Stuart

      I agree with you Stuart but the other side of the story is that all that is also required for peace is for Israel to recognise a Palestinian state, which is equally also the problem. They’re as bad as each other. Except the whole situation is exacerbated by the imbalance of support for Israel by the US.

    30. By Leon Henderson on Oct 15, 2011 | Reply

      Joe Blow: the Zionists are determined (using guns and bombs, Terrorism, and mass-murder) to create a Jewish Zionist “Superstate” from “The Nile to the Euphrates”.

      Is the Gong beginning to start getting banged yet?


    31. By Leon Henderson on Oct 15, 2011 | Reply

      I increasingly suspect that “Joe Blow” is actually Matthew Hooton.

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