Scoop Election 08: edited by Gordon Campbell

TV3 Poll 01/06/08: Nat 50 Lab 38

June 3rd, 2008

Party Vote %:
National 50 (up 2)
Labour 38 (down 3)
Greens 5.8 (steady)
NZ First 3.9 (up 0.5)
Maori 2 (down 0.9)
Act 1
United Future 0.2

Preferred PM %:
John Key 35 (up 6)
Helen Clark 29 (down 3)



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    1. One Response to “TV3 Poll 01/06/08: Nat 50 Lab 38”

    2. By Southern Man on Jun 7, 2008 | Reply

      Only 3-4 months to go before they are history and Goff is leader of the opposition. Yippee not many sleeps left to go. Diddums Helen and Diddums Cullen, and all the tails that wag the dog such as Sue Bradford and the looney Greens are gone. Down with the self serving public servants of Wellington.

      Labour is a dead party walking, taxed us to death, and soon they will be RIP, they are a dead parrot called “ex poli”.

      We have had enough of dumb Nanny State Laws, EFA, bills telling us how to raise our children, legislation based on exceptions, more taxes such as carbon taxes, sucking money from the South to build rugby stadiums in Auckland, Taxing the South to Build roads in Auckland, Taxing the South to create more self serving public servants positions in Wellington.

      Their Use by Date is up, they are expired, theri Product Life Cycle is over. Hopefully most of the tails that wag the dog will go with them.

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