Scoop Election 08: edited by Gordon Campbell

One News Poll 01/06/08: Nat 55, Lab 29

June 3rd, 2008

One News Colmar Brunton Poll: May 2008

Party Vote %:
National 55 (up 1)
Labour 29 (down 6)
Greens 7 (up 3.3)
NZ First 4.4 (up 2.9)
Maori 2.5 (down 0.7)
Act 1.2 (up 0.1)
United Future 0.2 (steady)
Libertarianz 0.2 (new)
Progressive 0.1 (steady)

Preferred PM %:
John Key 36 (up 1)
Helen Clark 28 (down 1)
Winston Peters 6 (up 2)

Poll taken in week following budget, 24-29 May.



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    1. 5 Responses to “One News Poll 01/06/08: Nat 55, Lab 29”

    2. By SF on Jun 5, 2008 | Reply

      Libertarianz entering the poll equal to United Future and ahead of Progressives! This despite not being in parliament with access to to the resources of MPs. Maybe online interest in their alternative budget and their court action against the PM over the pledge card issue is getting them traction.

    3. By Southern Man on Jun 7, 2008 | Reply

      Labour is finished, finito, kaput! They are a dead party walking. They have taxed us to death, squandered too much on the self serving public service in Wellington. They have had no regard for the productive sector, manufacturers’ and exporters have been harshly treated by Labour and Bollard.
      Greater Wellington population 370,000 vs Canberra 334,000, I ask you does that make sense?

    4. By Al B on Jul 23, 2008 | Reply

      Where is the Kiwi Party on these polls? After all the hard work on the anti-smacking legislation I would have expected some profile.

    5. By James on Oct 15, 2008 | Reply

      Please can you keep up with your Poll watch? The situation has changed hugely since this last one. The latest Roy Morgan poll put National and Labour within 3 percent of each other. The latest Colmar Brunton disagrees substantially, interestingly, but still puts them much closer together than this old one.

    6. By sabrina on Nov 8, 2008 | Reply

      It’s been a long 3 years waiting for election time.
      I hope National gets in, I hate to think what NZ will be like for another 3 years under a Labour goverment

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